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Stop wasting money on random marketing services.
We have a process for you.

We simply optimize free and paid online traffic to get you more clients.

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Our Services

Web Design & Development (Mobile Friendly)

Beautiful Marketing Optimized Websites Designed on WordPress! We ensure your website will rank and get traffic. (Click to learn more)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Already have a beautiful website? Let's get you more visitors and clients. We have a full understanding of on-page and off-page SEO. (Click to learn more)

Google Advertising

Reach new clients in no time by having us set up a high-level Google adwords campaign. We guarantee new clients in 20 days or less or your money back. (Click to lean more)

Social Media ADVERTISINg

Facebook advertising, Instagram advertising, YouTube advertising, and much more. We will get you company awareness, followers, and leads.

Marketing and business Strategy Consulting

We will point out inconsistencies in your business and build a strategy for you to make your business run as smooth as it possibly can.

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Outcome: New Clients on a daily basis.

Outcome: Sales from paid ads.

Outcome: Influx of new clients.

Outcome: New clients daily.

what we give you

We help businesses create a digital footprint that will engage your audience, turn them into your dream clients and embody your brand. new jersey ad agencies

Websites From Scratch

Have a website already that needs to be updated, or don't have a website at all? Don't worry! We will handle the entire process. Unlike using a website builder, you will have FULL control over your own website.

Define your target and goals. new jersey ad agencies

Quality Work

Every client is a long-term relationship in our eyes. We will work with you 1on1 to make sure that you are satisfied and all your expectations are met. We also have quick turnaround times. At Silver Spine Media, the customer always comes first. We take pride in making a positive diffence in our clients businss this way they can get more clients and help their clients on a higher standard.

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Affordable Packages

Having a beautiful custom marketing optimized website should not cost tons of money.
Our packages are affordable.
We have 3 packages to choose from and they all include full ownership of the website, unlike some compines that will charge you hundreds of dollars to take full ownership the digtal property (Website).

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Amazingly responsive

All of our websites are designed to be responsive and clean on all platforms. First we plan then we design and install the necessary tools then we start to cut back what is not needed. We ensure that everything runs lean and optimized.

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In-depth Branding

One of the most important visual aspects of a website is its branding. We ensure that your website will represent your brand in a positive way so that customers will trust your website, scoial media pages, ads, and most importantly trust you.

Beautiful websites designed on WordPress! new jersey ad agencies

E-Commerce Compatibility

A e-commerce website can be challenging to do on your own. We are able to create e-commerce websites that are optimized, responsive, and professional. We understand that there are a ton of options and tools that come with building an online store, we will make sure we optimize for your situation.

Achieve your goals in 4 steps


Speak with one of our online marketing and web design professionals.


Define your target and goals.


Pick your plan.


Let us accomplish your goals, increase your revenue, and set you up with the tools the pros use.

Why Us?

We simply optimize free and paid online traffic to get you more clients.

We help you create a digital footprint that will engage your audienceturn them into clients and embody your message. We're here to ensure your online presence is working for you generating clients in a sustainable way.

We are a dedicated team that will help you get your brand to the next level. With our expertise, in Web Design and Social Media Marketing, we can get your business to the level it deserves.

The Team
Domenic Dioguardi

- Social media
- Advertising
- Web dev
Michael Di Donato

- Social media
- Writer
- Web dev
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