Billing Insurance As a Dietitian: Everything You Need to Know

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Billing Insurance for Dietitians

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If you’re a dietitian in private practice, you may be interested in taking insurance. CMS claims are not a simple task though. Insurance-based have to allocate time to bill their patients. This takes away from client services and other income-generating services. Of course, not all dietitians decide to take insurance. If you cant decide whether or not billing insurance is right for you and your practice, then these are your options and how to streamline the process if you do take insurance.  

Offer Superbills

If you are seeing a patient is an out-of-network provider, you can still allow your clients to be reimbursed for their care. Best of all, you can let them do the paperwork. If you provide care to patients that have nutrition counseling provided by their insurance, you can send them a superbill in which they submit to their insurance carrier for reimbursement.

Setting Up Insurance Coverage

You’ll want to ensure that your patients have coverage before setting up an appointment. Once you have their information, contact the insurance company yourself. If your patient is covered, find out what they are eligible for. Enter this information into the online claim program or simply keep track of it. 

Streamlining the Process

There are a few other ways to streamline billing insurance. Dietitians who only see a few patients a month may not find it worth their time to take insurance. If you want to expand you practice however, it may be worth it to you to accept it.

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Learn Everything a Dietitian Should Know About Billing Insurance

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