Here is exactly what to keep in mind and ask when choosing a Web Design Company in New Jersey

You're here because you have been searching for a great web design company in NJ to find a solution for your business.

You need a professional web designer or team that knows exactly what it takes to create an ambitious presence on the web via top notch design and on page search engine optimization this way your new site will last you several years.

You must know what makes a good web design company before you choose one. Without this knowledge, you could waste your time and money by going with the wrong agency. To avoid this potential mistake for your business, you must understand and know these important points. Otherwise, you run the risk of failed deadlines, red tape, and risk losing a ton of time and money with messy complicated contracts!

Here is a list of 10 steps to help you find a successful NJ web design partner for your company:

1. Know Your Company's Budget

Before you can begin browsing website design firms, you must set a budget for your project. Write a number on paper before contacting companies even if you are working on a shoestring budget to unlimited funding. Additionally, your budget should have some flexibility to make room for upsells. Have a set number in mind that you will give to the agency. It goes without saying that an agency may try to upsell you or recommend additional web design options to make your website more successful. A good NJ web design company who is an expert in their field will have an incentive to do this because they will know exactly what will work for you. You should give your budget some wiggle room while ironing out what you will get from the agency. The number you give them should be about 75%-90% less than what your actual budget will be. This way, their suggestions can easily be accommodated without breaking the bank. It’s a win-win situation and a tremendous way to start any successful relationship with a web design business.

Cost of website design in new jersey
Web design prices in new jersey

2. Get the Pricing

After your budget has been set, you will need to find out what the company’s pricing is for web design. This can be time consuming especially if an agency offers non-packaged services or different packages. You could wind up spending way more money than you want if you don’t do your homework by determining your budget and how it will improve your business. This is a critical step in the partnership process and will help you avoid services that are not needed. However, published prices are not something most agencies have on their websites. You will need to contact the company by phone or email to get information and pricing on their packages and come up with a web design strategy. Generally speaking, the agencies that keep their pricing a secret are less dedicated to working within your budget than those who publish their prices.

3. Ask About Charges and Fees

After you have inquired about pricing from an agency, you have one more thing to do. Sometimes, a web design company will have a list of charges and fees which they unfortunately don’t always tell you about. These fees might be in your contract in fine print or they may not be listed at all. You could quickly find yourself over-budget if you don’t ask about surprise charges.Keeping that in mind, it is very important that you talk to the agency about their fee policy. Are you billed for extra hours each month they spend working on your site? Will you be charged for updates to the website that are unscheduled? Is it possible you may have to spend more for a checkup on your site?These are all good questions to ask, especially since web design companies don’t have a standard practice on fees. It will be your duty to get the information you need to succeed, since many of the fees and charges are not disclosed up front.You can move onto the next imperative step in evaluating NJ web design companies once your finances are in order.

Web design prices and fees

4. Take a Look at Past Clients

Every web design company that has been established will have past clients. Look at what they have done for those companies if you want to know what you can expect from them. This will give you a list of previous clients to get information from as well as show you what can be expected from the web design firm. You will be able to contact the clients personally and ask about their experience as well as see examples of the company’s work. You can be rest assured you are in good hands if they speak highly of the company. It’s a no-brainer to look elsewhere if they tell you they can’t wait to get out of their contract. The idea is to learn from the past experience of these clients before you with the agency. Are they struggling to make their payments? Was it the best choice they have ever made for their company? Are they getting the results they set out to achieve? You will get a clear picture about whether you should consider using this particular NJ web design company. 

5. Find out Their Client Retention Rate

In addition to looking at the company’s previous customers, you may also inquire about their client retention rate.Many companies will retain around 60% of their clients so anything less may indicate that there’s something wrong. In comparison, retention rates around 70% (especially 90% or higher) show exception customer satisfaction.Your best bet for a partnership is with an agency who has the best client retention. Websites aren’t just something that you can throw together andquot; they take planning, time, execution and strategizing to make everything come together.You won’t get the results you want if an agency is missing one of the crucial elements and doesn’t have a good client retention rate. However, when you find a company with a high client retention rate (and it’s published online for the world to see), you will know you’ve found a quality web design firm.

6. Ask Which Person Will be Responsible for Your Site

You don’t want an agency you work with to say that they are responsible for your success as a whole. That mentality reflects an undisciplined culture that is undefined and loose which is bound to let you down time after time.To make sure your website gets the attention it needs to succeed, get the contact information (including the name) of the representative who will be responsible for overseeing your project. You will need a point of contact with whom you can get your questions answered, give you regular progress updates, and go over any changes to your current strategy, when needed.The web design company could pass the blame among many employees and come up with excuses as to why you are not achieving your goals if you do not get this important contact information. There will be no doubt as to who is responsible when you have the person’s name on hand who’s accountable for your business satisfaction.

7. Ask About Customer Support

Your point of contact may not be available 100% of the time. They may go on vacation, get sick, or have other personal matters which causes them to take time off work. If your point of contact is gone for an extended period of time, you will need someone else at the NJ web design company who can give you support.You will need to know who else you can contact there when your representative is away so you have someone to continually keep accountable for the progress on your site. This could be a co-worker of your contact, the department head, or someone else at the office who looks after clients for people who are out of the office. Additionally, you also need to inquire about the company’s policy on customer support. You will need to contact them if an error comes up on your site or something goes wrong. Are they only available during certain hours? Can you call at any time? You need to know, either way.

8. Ask Who Can Update Your Site

Some web design agencies will give you direct access to make changes to your website with a CMS (or content management system). Others do not provide this so they can keep it all in-house and a better eye on updates. It’s important that you find out how you will work together with your NJ web design company, regardless of which policy they have.If you are able to make changes directly to your website, that is awesome! But you may not want to deal with the website at all and would prefer the company does it for you. After all, this will depend on the type of project manager you have. If they are hands-on, make sure you are given a way to access the site to make changes.

9. Find Out if They Will Relocate Your Website

Sometimes, a web design company may not be able to work with your existing hosting provider. They may want to switch servers, host it themselves, or use another company that they use as an exclusive provider. You need to know if they are going to move your site to a different host.You do not want to find out later that your website is hosted elsewhere with a different username and password. That can be a recipe for disaster andquot; when you are out of the loop and a company can do whatever they want to your website without being supervised. On top of that, moving to a new hosting provider can effect your site’s accessibility and loading speed. If you are located in New Jersey and your web design company relocates your server to the U.K., That will make a big difference in how fast your site loads. It’s important that you understand where your agency will host your site.Your site visitors won’t be able to load your site as quickly as your competitors if your server is on the other side of the world from where your prime demographic resides. Make sure you know where your website is going if it moves.

10. Set Achievable and Concrete Goals with Deadlines

Lastly, you need to set achievable criteria and concrete goals with deadlines. This scheduling will give you a way to track the progress of your web design company. If they are ahead of schedule, you know you have chosen a great partnership. But you may want to think about talking to another firm if they are behind schedule.Your criteria should define qualities such as how many visitors your website can support at a given time, the maintenance schedule, mobile platform accessibility, when your website will be launched, and more. As a rule of thumb, the more specific you are about your goals, the more successful you will be. Don’t set goals that are too general as it will give the opportunity for the company to miss the mark with too much wiggle room.

Now you must decide which web design company that is right for yourbusiness. Make sure the NJ web design company you are considering will work through your questions and concerns.

Always ask if you have additional questions as any good agency will never give you vague answers or turn away your questions. You can now make an educated choice for finding the perfect web design partner for your company!

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