Growing an Inspection Company

Environmental Inspection Services is an Inspection Company in New Jersey that specializes in testing commercial and residential properties for mold, lead, and asbestos.

The Challenge:

Appear in front of people that are already searching for an inspection by using Google.

Environmental Inspection Services had nothing when we started working with them. We made them a website but they needed more to out perform the competition in the local market. They also needed more clients fast and the ability to control their work schedule.


New Website

The Solution:

One of our founders, Michael, stayed up late for a few weeks testing different ads, landing pages, and other calibrations. 

The challenge was keeping their client in flow consistent and cost effective due to intense local competition. Eventually the winning set of ads was discovered. 

This was a month during the Corona Virus scare (which had no effect on our ad). We had to turn the ads off for a little while because they couldn’t handle the influx of clients.

Marketing Agency

One of the Winning Ads 

Environmental Inspection Services
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Thanks for turning my business around. I tried starting to get customers online with a website and by sending emails. Wow, your system worked really well, you can have any of your clients call me if they are unsure about your service.