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Make it easy for people to find your website and learn more about your inspection services

One of our clients, John, inspects New Jersey for Mold, Lead, and Asbestos.

My team and I created his website and run the advertisements that are responsible for almost all of his current clients.

If you think you can handle more customers, we begin this process with a test advertisement so you know this will show you results.

Here are the ads we run for him every week that reach people who are looking for an inspection:

These ads are seen in the Google search results when people in your work area type something like "mold inspection new jersey" or "asbestos testing company" into the Google search bar.

There are thousands of people making these searches in your area everyday. But, your business doesn't appear in any of them.

You can try it for yourself and search Google for an inspection in your area and see if you appear.

Our client's ad is highlighted by the arrow to show how your ad will appear in the Google search results. This is what people will see when they search for an inspection and find your ad.

The ad only costs you money when someone clicks on it.

When someone clicks my client's ad, they are brought to a landing page that is similar to the one you are on right now.

Here are links to my client's current landing pages for both of his ads:

After viewing the page, people mainly call my client because it is what they prefer.

People also text and email him as well as fill out the message field at the bottom of the page.

Here is the landing page for his mold advertisement.

We built this on a separate page on his website. The asbestos landing page has the same format. We will build you something similar on your website.

LP 1
LP 2
lp 3
lp 4

UPdated in real time

Clients John has gotten from these ads

1 Clients
To date since DEC 9th

Although most of John's clients call him, here are some clients who messaged him:

If your skeptical about this being profitable, talk to my client yourself.

He is willing to talk to you because he is very happy with what we did for him. He is always by the phone.

Environmental Inspection Services


To ensure that your money will be spent efficiently, we begin with test ads

We will not begin running normal budgeted ads until the data says that the ad(s) is going to perform well and get you clients.

We don't want to move ahead with a plan if you aren't as confident in it as we are.

Test Ads

$ 300
ad budget
  • Money only goes to Google to run ads. Google charges your credit card. Any unspent revenue is safe with you.
  • Ad only costs money when someone clicks on it.

Service Charge for Test ads

$ 200
one time payment
  • 1 Month
  • 1 ad + 1 Landing page for 1 of your inspection services (Mold, Lead, Asbestos, Home Inspection, ect)
  • Maintenance + Calibration

These ads can be turned on and off whenever we decide. You may still get contacted from potential customers a week after the ads are turned off.

If you don't get you enough clients within your first month, we can stop the ads and give you half the service charge back. Any unspent ad revenue is left in your hands.

We recommend adjusting your prices on the ad to be slightly lower than your competitors because a lot of people that click on these types of ads shop around for the best price.

It is a strict formula on our part to not take on another client in your work area to avoid our clients competing with each other.

Getting started is very simple, just schedule a call on your most convenient day to talk about the ads and get any questions answered.

You can also reach us through call, text, or email


Or you can leave us a message with any questions or concerns.


If we could do it for him, why couldn't we do it for you?

He wouldn’t be running these ads if he wasn’t profiting from them over the long term.

Considering the amount you make from a single client, we don't even need to get you that many clients for this to be profitable.

Our business doesn't grow by wasting time offering a service that isn't profitable.

We continually put a lot of time into improving this service so we can deliver more results for our clients.

Getting you clients like this is easy for us. We will keep you updated every step of the way.

Customer Email 2

If your aren't satisfied with the amount of work this process will get you, we will return you half of the months service charge.

customer email

But that isn't going to happen. This is a proven process that is already working for one of my clients.

If you do even as half as well as any of our current clients, you will be very satisfied.

If you have any questions or concerns


If you really
don't want to run ads and your about to leave, keep reading

If you are looking to appear in the search engine without running ads, we have a strategy that is already working with our client John.

We also specialize in getting a businesses website to appear on Google organically, without running ads.

We publish content and optimize your website to be found by people who need inspections in your area.

Leave us a message if you have any questions

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