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A Marketing Agency That Attacks from All Angles

Silver Spine Media is a in-house marketing agency that helps small businesses and nutritionists get clients consistently and grow their business while offering an arsenal of digital marketing services unique to  your business.

We are a comprehensive digital marketing agency that allows you to turn your online viewers into paying customers.

We attract customers to your business with SEO, social media marketing, PPC, consulting web design, and more. We also teach people like you how to do it themselves.

We can build you a website that is functional and aesthetic or improve on your current website. It will display all the information someone needs to learn about your business and become a customer. Did we mention that your website will market itself?

SEO services are included in our web design packages. All the websites we create are optimized to appear on Google without running ads. Our team of web designers will make sure your website has the initial optimizations to attract potential customers so you are ahead of any new website in your industry.

What else comes with our web design packages?
– Support from pour 9am-8pm Monday-Sundays
– Unlimited updates and edits for 12 months
– Guidance on other marketing campaigns
– A test advertisement on Google or Facebook
– Google My Business, Facebook, and Yelp Account Optimization- Google My Business, Facebook, and Yelp Account Optimization

A Marketing Agency That is a New Addition to Your Success Story

Your business will appear in front of the right people instantly.

Silver Spine Media is a Marketing Agency that was created in 2016. Our goal is to help our clients get clients without having to lift a finger. We take everything into consideration and develop specialized marketing plans to get you as many clients as humanly possible. Our clients receive specialized attention and guidance. We work closely from the beginning to craft a plan that will show you results. We follow up with consistent reporting so you can see the results in great detail and as an increase in your revenue.

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Web Design & Development (Mobile Friendly)

Beautiful Marketing Optimized Websites Designed on WordPress! We ensure your website will rank and get traffic. 

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Google Advertising

Reach new clients in no time by having us set up a high-level Google ads campaign. We guarantee new clients in 20 days or less or your money back.

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Already have a beautiful website? Let's get you more visitors and clients. We have a full understanding of on-page and off-page SEO. ​

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We will point out inconsistencies in your business and build a strategy for you to make your business run as smooth as it possibly can.​

Social Media Marketing

Facebook advertising, Instagram advertising, YouTube advertising, and much more. We will get you company awareness, followers, and leads.

Environmental Inspection Services

Our Google Ads Campaign has gotten him with over 200 clients to date. ​

Clients reach out to him on a weekly basis from the Google advertisements we have been running for him.

Outcome: Clients on a Daily Basis

We have been providing John with almost all of his current business since November of 2018.

Mold Inspector Marketing

Lite Beast

We have provided Lite Beast with customers through a marketing optimized website and Google ads.

Our Google Ads Campaign gets them sales whenever we turn it on for them.

Outcome: Consistent Sales From Paid Ads

Sandra's Creative Design

We made Sandra a high ranking website and run her Facebook and Google advertisements to get her clients on a weekly basis.

Sanda now gets customers organically and out ranks larger companies in her industry.

Outcome: Influx of New Clients

Muzio Construction

We got Muzio Construction clients consistently with Facebook Ads.

Acquired 8 paying clients worth over $5,000 each with only $115 within a few weeks.

Outcome: Calls on a Daily Basis

Hearts for You

We created them a marketing optimized website that brought over 191 interested people to their website organically.

Outcome: Calls on a Daily Basis

A Marketing Agency That Achieves Trackable Results

Track the results you achieve from our digital marketing service

We take a detailed audit before and after we begin marketing your business. It's not just about tracking results, we want you to understand the results we are getting you and help you keep track of it. Our services will be accountable for an exact number of clients and a portion of your revenue.

As a marketing agency, it is our duty to use the best parts of your business to create a marketing campaign with the purpose of helping you satisfy your clients needs. What goals do you have for your business or working with an advertising agency like us? Even if you don't know what you need, we have a plan for you.

If we think that we can't get you clients or have a positive impact on your business, we will tell you it's not a good fit. We don't want to charge you for a useless service that won't have an effect on your revenue. The only way this can work for the both of us is to develop a relationship where we provide you value. If any of the people you speak to at Silver Spine Media don't satisfy your needs, your answer should be a definite no.

We formed our Digital Marketing Agency to Form Relationships With People Like You
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Don't Work With Us Until You See How Happy Our Clients Are

Environmental Inspection Services
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Thanks for turning my business around. I tried starting to get customers online with a website and by sending emails. Wow, your system worked really well, you can have any of your clients call me if they are unsure about your service.
Sandra C
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The team of SSM were great, they had many suggestions. One in particular was that Google ads will give me more web traffic with a new website than what I already had. They told me several reasons why after showing me an analysis from my previous site. I had them make the new website and after a week I started getting more customer calls. They also were able to get my past customers to review my business on Google and Yelp, and that boosted my business even more. It was great to work with a team that is so knowledgeable.
The L.B. Team
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The guys are great at making websites, they built my store fairly quickly.
Joe A
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Dominic was very knowledgeable and patient throughout the creative process of setting up our website. He has been vital with his cyber maintenance services with efficiency and can take the wheel on roads we had yet to travel (gracefully and with a fresh perspective). Our social media presence has been healthy ever since!
Academy of Natural Health Sciences
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I have found SSM to be a very reliable company. They have lots of expertise and technical knowledge. They also go above and beyond with helping us solve all kinds of issues. Our business has definitely improved since we brought them on board. I can wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone in need of Search Engine Optimization.. Dr. Frank

SEO Company

Grow your revenue by getting potential clients onto your website and outrank all of your competition on Google with technical SEO services.

We are an SEO Company that is dedicated to getting our hands on our partners dream clients and the most effective SEO strategies in the space.

Our SEO services will be formed into a plan that is tailored just for your business. Here are some of the things we include in our SEO services to help you beat your competition.

- SEO optimized copy with carefully chosen keywords, long-tail search terms and internal website links placed within the copy. It will be done in a way that not only inspires your audience, but will also cause you to rank higher on Google because it follows all the standards.

- Optimized meta tags that are visible to viewers on Google. This is what they click on to visit your website. It will be optimized to entice viewers and rank high for keywords to help new clients find your website.

- Optimized title tags for each page.

- Local SEO to help you get more reviews and put your business on the map section of Google.

- We also use inbound link creation to help your website link with other websites that are ranking high in your industry to boost your ranking.

- We provide analytics in the form of an audit to show you things like what viewers are clicking, how your website is ranking, and the different ways they could find you.

Web Design Company

Website design for businesses who want more clients. We will provide you with a website that puts itself in front of the right people without you lifting a finger.

We are Web Design Company that is dedicated to getting our hands on our partners dream clients and the most effective SEO strategies in the space.

First impressions are important online. If your website looks low quality or it's hard to navigate, potential clients will go back to Google before they can blink and click on your competition instead. Having a good brand and valuable content is also crucial.

We specialize in creating mobile responsive WordPress websites that are optimized for marketing. We emphasize a strong SEO infrastructure to ensure the longevity of your SEO rankings.

Web Design is an important part of SEO. Google crawls your website to decide how high the want to rank you. They penalize people who don't follow certain guidelines because they care about the user's experience. Bad web design also results in more bounces on your website, which are people who click on your website and immediately leave. This is usually because the website loads too slow, the text is too small to read, or the site is overall hard to use.

We avoid all of this and build you an easy to use website for the end user and make the site appear in front of people who are already looking for what you offer.

Some of the Sites We Made
Web Design Prices
Business Website
$ 200 a Month
  • $200 a month for 12 months or one payment of $2000
  • Business Website on WordPress optimized to rank on Google
Are you unsure about what you need?
  • Contact us and we can figure out what the best options and services are for you based on our conversation.
Web Design that attract clients now!
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