10 Marketing Tips for Nutritionists and Dietitians that work in 2019.

The importance of online marketing cannot be overemphasized in the business of Nutrition and Dietetics. Nowadays, with the increasing need for online marketing, it's not enough for nutritionist and dieticians to have just make social media pages such as a Facebook and Pinterest page and not use them. As a Nutritionist you have to utilize all the available online channels to market their service and build a stable foundation to be found online via Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Below I will discuss 10 Marketing tips for Nutritionists to boost your client generation efforts.

The 10 tips:

1. Do on-page SEO

SEO for nutritionists

The full meaning of the word SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It essentially means the extent at which Google likes your website and where it will be ranked on the search engine results page. When people search for content related to your website, does it pops up in the first page for all to see or it gets hidden among lots of pages on Google? To ensure your practices website ranks well and is found on Google you need to make sure the correct keywords you want to rank for are included on your home page, your H1-H6 tags are correct, your images have alt text, you are linking to other pages on your sites that are relevant to the primary page, and much more. These keywords need to be carefully researched and placed organically in your website, if you can rank on the first page for a words with a low monthly search volume a couple of times then your website will begin to build authority then you can rank the site for harder and harder keywords. For example, (Nutritionist in New York), people should be able to find your place on the first or second page of Google as well as in the Google map section (Google My Business).

2. Grow your Instagram account

Instagram marketing strategy for nutritionists

Instagram is a social media platform that allows you to target potential clients by getting directly in front of them on a personal level, it's loved by Millennials and Generation Z. Research has shown that 71% of the young population in the US is on Instagram. There are great opportunities for Nutritionists on Instagram as it brings about a visual appeal to users. You can also spice it up with short and well-detailed information about your service on Instagram stories of video posts.

3. Grow your Facebook account fast

One easy way to establish you as nutrition and dietician is through Facebook, which has experienced a remarkable transformation in virtual communication since 2004. Marketing your service through a professional Facebook page and forming a group can help you reach out to potential clients on a different level as you assess their personality from their profile. Facebook largely depends on the number of likes received on one's page and amount of likes you can get on your new post within the first 10 minutes, so you should be focusing on pushing out long-form content and original high-quality images that will get you more likes and comments. As viewers like a page, it starts to appear on their Facebook wall thereby becoming more visible to their friend's list and generating more prospects for you. Several opportunities have been created for Dieticians through Facebook marketing. Tip: Do not merge your page with your professional profile. If you want to take things up a notch and see very fast growth you can run paid Facebook ads (Not a boosted post, a real ad is harder to construct than a boosted post and it brings better results) and do one live video a day along with one post a day.

4. Why you need online testimonials and how to get them

Here is a study from inc.com "84 percent of people trust online reviews as much as friends and 91 percent of people read them." https://www.inc.com/craig-bloem/84-percent-of-people-trust-online-reviews-as-much-.html

Word of mouth goes a long way in publicizing a business and winning more clients especially one that changes the quality of someone's life for the better. Testimonial comes from the word testimony which means proclaiming a personal success experience to others. The online testimonial should be written on your Google business, Facebook, or Yelp page then placed on your website by you or your web designer for SEO purposes and also so people can see what you are all about. I have seen over and over again the business with more 5-star testimonials get more clients/customers. As a nutritionist, testimonials enhance your brand's credibility. You will be amazed at the number of prized testimonials you get by simply emailing your current and past clients something along this line "Hi (name), we have made great progress together. I would appreciate it if you left a review on either my Google or Facebook account when you have time. (link) (link) Thank you so much"

5. Why you should display case studies

Nutritionist case study marketing

A case study is another meaningful way of marketing your nutrition and dietetic services. Some of the reasons this is a good marketing strategy is you can create a well detailed presentation that describes the client's problem and how you have been able to solve it. Perhaps someone might be suffering from a very similar problem as the client in the study, the case study will make the viewer rest assured that you can help them and solve the issue. Case studies are data-driven as they are practical enough for the viewer to know that you are an authority in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics. Lastly, it feels more real and relatable with your audience. You should be considering doing this in your Nutrition marketing campaign. If you are not comfortable on video you can use the free program OBS to screen record a slideshow and talk about each slide in detail or can record a conversation with the client you helped then post the conversation on your website and Facebook, always ask your client if they are in favor of the idea.

6. Why you need to be using Google ads as a nutritionist

Google ads for nutritionists

A Google ad is another way to get awareness and get in front of potential clients in a very efficient way. If Google ads are done correctly for your practice they can produce near-instant results because you can get in front of people searching for a nutritionist online. It's a form of targeted ad that yields excellent results. It is often placed on the top or bottom of the search results page. Once the standard ad is in place you can do something called a Google remarketing campaign which consists of displaying an ad to people that are most likely to become clients based on their actions taken on your website.

7. Creating a free ebook

Research has it that people get more interested when you offer them a free service like an eBook, free advice for 30 minutes, a free supplement sample, etc. You can write your absolute favorite nutrition tips in an eBook then put it on your site and social media pages as a free download. It leads more viewers to your site and causes them to take a smaller action before contacting you. You can even collect their emails in exchange for downloading the book then ask them how they like the book, you reaching out to them may make them feel more comfortable with you. This is a win-win situation. The book should be packed with value and passion, people can tell if you put time into structuring each an every sentence to deliver the info a certain way. You can download our free books below to get inspiration and also learn more about marketing.

8. Ranking higher on Google My Business (The map pack)

Google business for nutritionists

You can attract new clients to your practice by ranking your Google business profile, this section is different than ranking in the search engine results. Ways to rank higher on Google my business is to get testimonials and respond to all of them, upload over 15 high-quality photos with proper alt-text, add the correct hours, and by adding the description from your website to the description of your Google My Business account. It works almost the same way as Google Ads but you don't have to keep paying to be on the top of the page.

9. Starting a podcast

You can effectively build an audience through a podcast as it also enhances your credibility. Your relationship with your clients will be stronger when you start a podcast that involves preaching what you practice. In your podcast, you should talk about exciting topics and new studies that add value to your clients and listeners and how nutrition can help solve their health problems. This will undoubtedly increase your website traffic and leads to more sales. Sell yourself and your values in your podcasts.

10. Getting on Nutritionist specific directories

business included or create an account on free directories of your specific location. This is a smart marketing ploy to rank your website higher and to get your name to pop up whenever someone searches for Nutritionist you state or county. However, ensure you include your contact details and all other necessary information on the directory account so people can reach out to you easily.

The tips mentioned above are some of the top best tips for nutritionist marketing as they have been tried and tested. You can use a combination of more than one tip to enhance the visibility of your practice and increase your client base. If you found this interesting we have four free eBooks for you to download that go more in-depth on the technical aspects of what we went over here, along with our free eBooks, we do have a tool that you can purchase to do an evaluation of the core aspects of your online presence.

Why Marketing?

Nutritionists need help.

Almost all practices are completely wrecked online. Low-quality images, improper website formatting, social media pages that look like spam accounts, SEO done incorrectly or not done at all, and directory accounts not created, these are just some of the issues in the nutrition space.

These things don’t cost a ton of money to fix yet once fixed there is a return on your money spent.

Partially due to the improper marketing the general public are terribly under educated about health and nutrition, here are some stats:

American Heart Association Study Reveals "88% of Americans are Health Illiterate"

By 2030, approximately 115 million adults are expected to be obese. This figure represents nearly half of the adult population in the nation. - https://www.nutritioned.org/nutritionist-salary.html

Your Job is More Important than Ever Before!

You have the ability to talk one on one with someone and really give them the information they need to hear about what foods to eat and not to eat to help them feel better this way they can go live a good quality life and do what they do best.

You have literally spent days, weeks, and months learning about foods, body types, and diseases to figure out how to give people a better life. Similar to us, we have spent months and years learning marketing, website ranking factors, social media algorithms, and advertising platforms, so we can systematically make it all work together to help nutritionists. After all of this leaning why limit the amount of people you can help if helping more people is as simple as making a video, a blog post, or having your website rank higher on Google.

You and I know that, Brain fog, Stomach pain, Inflammation of joints and skin, Cellular damage, Tiredness, Prolonged morning tiredness, etc, is hutting so many people day-to-day and they themselves don’t know how to go about solving it, but YOU do.

What if just because all the technical aspects of your website were done correctly your single blog post helped five thousand people?

What if you were able to create a network between several health professionals and have your ideal referral network that provided the best care in your state?

How would you react if you had a system that got you 1 new patent a day for the next 6 months or longer?

How would your business and life change if you had a line of athletes knocking on your door wanting to work with you?

How would it feel to get your content out and build a following of people that trust you and even buy products you recommend?

Silver Spine Media is here to get your practice in front of the right people that need your help.

Why do we want to help?

We want to case a mass chain effect that creates an uprise of health-conscious individuals by getting these people that need help in your care, while completely reorganizing the way information appears on search engines this way the correct nutritional information can be found around the world.

We have a mission that can only be completed by helping you.
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