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If your competition can use SEO to get in front of customers, why cant you?

If your business doesn't appear on Google, how are you going to get customers?



The comprehensive SEO Audit

The audit will evaluate:

-Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp, and other pages separate from your website that impact website rankings.

-Find out how people are finding you already.

-Make sure text and images appear in Search Engines (Meta Tags)

-Internal link structure- The internal structure of how your websites pages are linked together.

-See how high your web pages and blog posts are ranking.

-Google Analytics and Search Console data to find opportunities.

-Sales copy to find where money is being left behind.

-Page and Blog post rankings to see where the site currently stands.

-Website Loading Speed. Google penalizes slow sites (

-Errors and incomplete optimizations (

-Google Ranking and Backlinks (

After the SEO audit:

We will fix all issues discovered during the audit and take advantage of all found opportunities.

This audit will be completed regularly to track your progress and results.

Some of the SEO Strategies We Use to Rank Our Client's Websites to Get Them In Front of the Right People

SEO Optimized Copy

Carefully chosen keywords, long-tail search terms and internal website links placed within the copy. It will be done in a way that not only inspires your audience, but will also cause you to rank higher on Google because it follows all the standards.

Optimized Meta Tags

Text that is visible to viewers on Google. This is what they click on to visit your website. It will be optimized to entice viewers and rank high for keywords to help new clients find your website.

Local SEO

We get your company more reviews and get your appear on the map section of Google.

Inbound Link Creation

Help your website link with other websites that are ranking high in your industry to boost your ranking.

Authority Hacking

Google favors websites that have a lot of engagement. This includes traffic, low bounce rates, 

Keyword Research

Use a variety of the latest tools to learn the search terms your dream customer is typing into Google as well as content that will rank well.

Sandra C
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The team of SSM were great, they had many suggestions. One in particular was that Google ads will give me more web traffic with a new website than what I already had. They told me several reasons why after showing me an analysis from my previous site. I had them make the new website and after a week I started getting more customer calls. They also were able to get my past customers to review my business on Google and Yelp, and that boosted my business even more. It was great to work with a team that is so knowledgeable.
Environmental Inspection Services
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Thanks for turning my business around. I tried starting to get customers online with a website and by sending emails. Wow, your system worked really well, you can have any of your clients call me if they are unsure about your service.
The L.B. Team
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The guys are great at making websites, they built my store fairly quickly.
Joe A
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Dominic was very knowledgeable and patient throughout the creative process of setting up our website. He has been vital with his cyber maintenance services with efficiency and can take the wheel on roads we had yet to travel (gracefully and with a fresh perspective). Our social media presence has been healthy ever since!
Academy of Natural Health Sciences
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I have found SSM to be a very reliable company. They have lots of expertise and technical knowledge. They also go above and beyond with helping us solve all kinds of issues. Our business has definitely improved since we brought them on board. I can wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone in need of Search Engine Optimization.. Dr. Frank

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