Bring a soccer trainer new students in the spring

STS is a soccer training company in New Jersey

The Challenge:

STS only had a Facebook page, Instagram page, and YouTube channel. This is good to get people to view your content but not necessarily good to get new paying clients (Industry specific).

What made things interesting was that Stefano did not want a website.

The Solution:

During a consultation we figured out what tools Stefano was already using if he had an email list. We ended up optimizing the Facebook page, Instagram page, and YouTube page. Then we built a Google Business account and Yelp account and used his Linktree as the website. 

Once that was done we instructed Stefano on how to get reviews on his Google Business account.

Stefano's Training Systems
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Super efficient. Got me set up on social media platforms fast and it helped my business grow a ton. Thank you guys! You Rock!!