A Unique Take on Supplement Marketing

Scale your Supplement Business, Grow your Revenue, and Bring People Closer to Wellness

Here are Core Supplement Marketing Techniques that Your Sales are Doomed Without

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There are people looking for the supplements you offer everyday. But, your products aren’t appearing in front the people who are searching for them. High quality ingredients will give you a good supplement. But, it will not promote your product. 

Getting your Supplements in front of people involves more than making a website and putting up a YouTube video. Supplement marketing involves back end optimizations to your website and other platforms so your content is favorited by search engines and other algorithms. It also involves

This article will show you wellness marketing strategies to sell more supplements. These same skills could be utilized for nutrition services and other similar products in the holistic/health industry. 

1. Google Ads

What if we told you that people are already searching for the supplements you sell. You can get in front of then instantly by running Google ads. Simply create a search campaign targeting supplements you sell that people are looking up. It’s simple, your putting an ad in front of people that are searching for what you offer.

2. Blogging

Blogging is a good way to get content about the benefits of your supplements on Google. Google is the first place people look for an answer. And having useful content available when people have questions about what you sell, will help build awareness for your brand. Value is key here. It is the only thing that will make people keep up with your brand and look into what you have.

3. SEO

The whole point of establishing yourself online is to become visible when people search for you. Making sure your website appears on Google is vital. Google ads are important. But, some people might be more receptive to organic Google results. They also might be looking for articles, blog posts, videos, e-books, and other types of content to learn more about a supplement or health issue they are investigating. 

SEO involves on page and off page optimizations. On page SEO is making sure your website is fully optimized. This includes taking care of the H-Tags, Meta and Title Tags, and other things that are on your website so you rank higher. Off page SEO consists of optimizing your Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, links from other websites, and other similar platforms to rank closer to the first page on Google.

4. Influencer Marketing

No matter how good anyone gets at marketing, word of marketing will always triumph. Having the right people talk about you is some of the best exposure. Why would someone take time to research the safest and most effective supplement when they could get a recommendation from someone who might have already given them one? People make decisions emotionally and back them up logically. Benefit from people’s favorite influencers on social media and get in front of them through trusted influencers they follow.

5. Amazon SEO

A lot of people go to Amazon for their supplements, including us. Even if you have your own brand of supplements, making sure your products appear on Amazon when people search for supplements is important. People might prefer to look for the things they need on Amazon because they might be paying for a prime membership which gives them a deal on shipping. Supplement marketing is more than just getting in front of people, it’s covering ground and making sure your brand is available in the most convenient places.

6. Good Quality Content

If your content, website, or the rest of your presence doesn’t have a viral air to it, people will never react well to it. Your conversion rates will be low and you will not have any engagement. Not as many people will like your content on social media and people will think your brand is sketchy. Especially when your selling something that people will be ingesting on a regular basis, everything about your brand needs to look clean, neat, and legit. Also, don’t be like everyone else. Do whatever you can to differentiate yourself from people like you. It’s not about views and likes, engagement is key. That is the best thing you could get from this paragraph. The whole point of all of all of these things is to get positive engagement online. With every business, engagement and sales are proportional. 

7. Don't Forget Your Supplement's Packaging

65% of people try a new product because the packaging caught their eye. Underestimating your products packaging is costing you valuable engagement. Make sure you do your research and make sure your packaging isn’t blending in with your competitions. Less people will look past your supplements if you leverage this important piece of real estate.

8. Social Media Marketing

Engagement and human connection is directly proportional to your supplement sales. The holistic health niche is popular on social media. Like blogging, delivering quality content about your supplements will help you build brand awareness. It gives people an opportunity to easily share your brand with other people. 

9. Affiliate Marketing for Your Supplements

There are amazing marketers out there who would give you a fantastic deal. For every sale they get you, they get a portion of the sale that you decide. There are websites like www.clickbank.com that have a section for dietary supplements. On this site, you can post a listing for your supplements and set the reward for every sale made. Experienced marketers will then have the ability to promote your supplements and get you sales. Amazon also has a program that does this same thing. Be sure to take advantage of this feature. 

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