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Sandra C
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The team of SSM were great, they had many suggestions. One in particular was that Google ads will give me more web traffic with a new website than what I already had. They told me several reasons why after showing me an analysis from my previous site. I had them make the new website and after a week I started getting more customer calls. They also were able to get my past customers to review my business on Google and Yelp, and that boosted my business even more. It was great to work with a team that is so knowledgeable.
Environmental Inspection Services
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Thanks for turning my business around. I tried starting to get customers online with a website and by sending emails. Wow, your system worked really well, you can have any of your clients call me if they are unsure about your service.
The L.B. Team
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The guys are great at making websites, they built my store fairly quickly.
Joe A
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Dominic was very knowledgeable and patient throughout the creative process of setting up our website. He has been vital with his cyber maintenance services with efficiency and can take the wheel on roads we had yet to travel (gracefully and with a fresh perspective). Our social media presence has been healthy ever since!
Academy of Natural Health Sciences
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I have found SSM to be a very reliable company. They have lots of expertise and technical knowledge. They also go above and beyond with helping us solve all kinds of issues. Our business has definitely improved since we brought them on board. I can wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone in need of Search Engine Optimization.. Dr. Frank
Vivid cleaning services
https://environmentalinspectionservicesnj.com/ In New Jersey, we inspect Lead, Mold, and Asbestos. In New York, we inspect Asbestos and Mold.

Ask yourself

Is your website message clear to first time visitors?

Does it tell your viewer in one second exactly what you are about?

With Silver Spine Media are at the helm, we make sure you achieve the level of success you have in mind through great web design. After all, your success is our success.

Your Website Reflects Your Company

Your website is the backbone of your presence online. Every type of advertisement, piece of content, communication or product will drive consumers back to your site.

Because of this great web design is a must. Your website gives customers a clear idea of who you are, what types of services or products you offer and exactly what your brand stands for.

Even if you use other social media platforms to try and attract customers, there needs to be a place to send everyone who wants to learn more about what you have to offer.

Once they click your link from third party social media sites, your website is the first thing many potential clients see when they want to know more about your business. As a result, a great website will undoubtedly turn into sales. An outdated site will reflect badly on your company as if you didn't even care enough to entice your potential clients with a great-looking first impression.

1. You want your website to translate to sales.

Your website is your best foot forward, It is possibly the first impression you ever make on a potential cusomers. Everyone knows first impressions last.

We know your site is your first point of contact when potential clients click a link given to them by their friends or do a search for a keyword that your site is ranking for.

Think about this, actual brick and mortar showrooms and storefront windows look great because store owners know this is what gets the customer in the door. You might say, the shop windows make or break the business. This is the same reason your website needs to be great-looking and easy-to-use.

It is the first thing people see about your business, and they form opinions based on the impression your site gives. When you make a great first impression, the customer walks through the door, so to speak. In this case, they stay on your site and end up buying what you have for sale, or giving you call.

2. We treat your Website like your Headquarters

website design nj

Our team thinks of your website as your virtual headquarters where you send clients or customers to learn more about your services or to make a purchase.

It is also where your content lives. Whether you have millions of product descriptions or blog posts, there needs to be a place to display this information so it is easy for consumers to find. Your site is the perfect house for all your business and personal content to live.

3. We focus on Quality which converts sales

We completly unstand and have hear our clients cusomers explain they can feel the diffence when they are on a top-quality website and how they appreciate the trouble they want through to create a great virtual space. This is what keeps them on your site. Just like walking into a well-decorated lobby of a hotel or seeing an amazing shop window, knowing how much trouble was put into it.

Customers know when care was applied for the purpose of serving them. For this reason, having a branded, functional, modern, concise, clean, easy-to-navigate, and well-organized website with a great layout will motivate your guests to give you a try.

When you have us on your side, your site will feature/promote exatly how you can help potential cusomers, what services will get them to their desired outcome, testimials on the homepage, buttons to your social media platforms, and much more in-depth website sales techniques. We also know people are used to quick websites and need quick access to answers they are looking for, that is why we use a very specific stack of tools.

Making this information easy for them on an extremely well-created first page that has great visuals will tell your guests you took the time and effort to create a quality website. Think about it, when you enter a shabby hotel versus a well-appointed lobby, how do you feel? This is the same feeling generated by a well-designed website but virtually.

A top-quality website can't have loose ends. This means no blurred images, no web design from 1999, no mediocre clip art and no grammar or spelling errors. This is the basic requirement for a great website. Your site needs to look polished with matching fonts, perfect layouts, and everything in good working order.

The SSM team will make sure your website is easy to use for people who use their phones to find information. More and more people are using smart phones to search Google. We ensure your site is designed for optimal viewing through mobile devices and is properly built to look great even on a cell phone.

Looking great on every browser is important. You need to be searchable in every browser available, and when someone clicks on your link, it needs to be perfect. We test your website on every browser possible to make sure everything works properly and there are no glitches. Remember, the slightest glitch will not be a good reflection of who you are.

4. The Silver Spine Media team creates what You have in mind

Google's searching index will think of you in a more positive way when you consistently update your high-quality content. Our team of digital marketing specialists and web developers with work to make sure your beautiful website is rooted in the best practices of SEO but also looks exactly what you want it to look like if you have any design ideas in mind.

As a company that has been in the business for quite some time, we will make sure that your website has both great content and no flaws.

We use only top-notch website tools such as WordPress, Elementor, Site Grounding, and many other tools.

5. We use WordPress

The benefit of using WordPress is that it can grow as your business grows. Blog posts and pages can be uploaded by the hundreds and there is no compromise on the performance of your site.

Also, WordPress allows us to include as many features as you want on your website using plugins, without affecting the speed of your website. There are built-in ready-made themes to use but we use a theme called Elementor Pro, this gives you the abilaty to use the best website platform every (WordPress) while being able to update the site yourself if you every need to in the future.

We can ensure that your website visitors can add comments and be able to subscribe to your email news letter using their email. The ease of use and customize-able design of your site ensures that we can maintain your website to remain upgraded through the years. Designs remain modern, unified and a great reflection of your company's top-notch image.

Through WordPress, we can control every aspect of your website and add in or remove aspects according to your preference. You will love the clear, stunning images that burst forth when a visitor decides to click your link. The best part is that WordPress is compatible with every browser known to man, including browsers on smartphones.

The intuitive interface of WordPress and regular adding of images, blog posts ,and new pages will not affect the speed of your site in any shape or form. The simple technology makes it easy for your viewers to navigate through your website and click as many links as they want with ease.

6. Silver Spine Media uses Elementor to make designing your website go smoothly

Web design company nj

Unlike some web design companies in NJ we do not lock you out of editing your site yourself by using extremely diffcult to use website building tools.

Not only does Elementor have an easy learing curve it allows us to impliments designs and elements the pros use, such as a testimonial carousel, photo carousel, purchase buttons, sharing buttons, price tables, and animated headlines, we can provide your website with all the pro qualities using Elementor. You get enhanced features without your website slowing down in any way.

7. We set you up with Siteground hosting

We use SiteGround hosting to built your website on top of due to the fact that SiteGround's versatility goes unmatched. More and more large, growing companies use SiteGround because they have well-crafted, high-quality website hosting servers and offer enought tools to keep us distracted for day, haahaha.

Using SiteGround we have taken websites on pages 2 and 3 of Google and brought them to pages 1 and 2 within days.

As you know, business websites can lose millions with every minute of downtown and as a company, we make sure that your website remains intact without fail and no downtime no matter what. After all, credibility is at stake and your website needs to be up and running 24/7 no fail. We Silver Spine Media understand this more than the other companies, our clients don't make money if they don't have a perfect website.

8. Complete on-page Search Engine Optimization

Silver Spine Media makes sure that your On-page search engine optimization is complete. Why is this important? Your website needs great On-page search engine optimization inorder for the Google bots (google algorithm) to rank your website. Also known as SEO because it is effective in getting your website in front of your target audience. In fact, when it comes to online marketing strategies, SEO is one of the most popular precisely because it is effective and long lasting, if you build it corrctly from the start you will have nothing to worry about.

In the past few years, there has been vast and wide change in the digital landscape scene. However, regardless of every possible change you could think of, one thing has remained constant and that is the fact that SEO remains important, effective, and long lasting.

Implementing complete SEO on your website is a cost effective method of targeting users that look for the services and products online, that is why we include on-page SEO with all of our website packages. As a business, you save money since you won't be cold-calling, or constitly running ads but rather, simply waiting to see how effective your keywords are in attracting traffic.

We will pick keywords your target market searches for and attract the audience you had in mind. It is easy to study what works and what does not work when it comes to SEO. We do all the hard work for you so that you only get results.

We make sure your site is completely optimized because ,with SEO, your website search results can be quantified and tracked. Whether you are a non-e-commerce an e-commerce site, we will be able to track if there was an increase in conversions, traffic , and rankings achieved by your brand new website. We can look at demographics and other metrics of engagements to find out which persons looked at your website the most.

Which paths did they take? What were they looking for when they finally landed on your site?

There are comprehensive analytical figures that enable us to check and see exactly what the process is that translated to your website sales. What keywords did each person use? What happened just before they purchased an item you offered? Which item did they like? Did what they search for coincide with the item they purchased? We narrow everything down and pinpoint what the fastest path to sale was, and make sure we create more of the same.

Not only do you get increased traffic with the right use of complete SEO, but your‌ ‌website‌ ‌will also be optimized, containing the correct title tags, meta descriptions and relevant keywords that identically matches exactly what your target audience types on the search bar when looking for services that you offer. In layman's terms, when your customer types a keyword that happens to be a product you offer, your website shows up as a result. This is the result of having optimized descriptions and tags. It helps increase the rates of people clicking through your site and converts to sales.

Top ranks mean more exposure. As a company, we know that including complete SEO into your website will result in good positions online. This means that you will rank higher than the competition, which results in more credibility. We find target keywords that will associate with your website's products and services and make sure that your site is optimized. The higher your website ranks the more trustworthy your image becomes. Your audience will begin to associate your brand with credibility when they see that you are in the top ranks of any search engine, and only SEO can achieve this.

We will rearrange your website for ease in navigation with easy-to-find pages. We are website architecture experts and aim to help your audience find you. This will increase your popularity and what makes you look good, makes us look good.

9. We can get a website up in 2-4 days

Our team can get your website up and running within two to four days. This is what differentiates us from the competition. We specialize in fast, effective and accurate jobs with top notch content and complete on-page SEO. We know that speed in delivery is a factor that you are concerned with and we deliver.

After all, these days speed is essential and incorporated in almost everything including mass media and gaming. More people need things done and need them immediately. We understand this need and deliver your website with a quality that exceeds all your highest expectations.

10. We make any changes you want for a year

We let you make as many changes as you want on your website for up to a year, if necessary. We at Silver Spine understand that the only constant in life, virtual or actual, is change.

For this reason, we enable our clients to contact us to make website changes as they see fit. Do you want something added or removed? We will be glad to do it for you exactly how you envisioned it. After all, making you look great online and occupying the top spots is our goal.

11. Silver Spine Media understands great copy

At Silver Spine Media, we understand copywriting which will help your website turn visitors into customers.

In addition, great copywriting builds your brand's image. Including only great copywriting on your website will convey professionalism and quality to any person who comes and checks out your website. It will show that you took the time to include only excellence in your content. This confirms to your customers that they have indeed made a great decision in deciding to click your link. It improves rates of conversions which means you make a profit.

Will write in a way that will create great rapport with your potential customers, and this is essential in a long term relationship. Good copy makes the benefits of purchasing your services and products clear. Your brand's recognition and the image becomes solidified when the content matches the theme. You then become an industry authority with great credibility. Good copy is going to differentiate your site from the competition. Amidst the clutter of the online web, your website will stand out as something that is thought-out, top quality and easy to understand.

Our copywriting, will make your company message come across confident, authoritative, beneficial, smooth and translates to more sales.

12. We will answer you within an hour or less. No waiting days or weeks to get something done

Tired of site builders you can't seem to get a hold of when you need them? When you hire Silver Spine Media to create your website, not only can we provide a complete, optimized site in two to four days, we also give you access to ease in communications with us anytime you need to get in touch. No matter what questions you have and what you would like to discuss, we will have an answer for you in less than an hour. Silver Spine Media is a web design company NJ you can count on.

As our client, we want to show you how much you matter to us. We do this by providing you with fast, reliable, dependable and effective services and this includes good communication. We provide assistance and answer every question you have whether you are creating your first site for your business or are you are an experienced veteran that wants to clarify a few things. No matter what you want to get in touch about, we are here for you 24/7 anytime you need us.

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