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Everything You Need to Rank on Google, Display Your Brand Material, Get More traffic and Get More Inbound Calls.

What comes with our packages?

How will we optimize your site?

When is comes to the design we got you covered!

We don't just build websites, we provide websites that are optimized for the Google Search Engine this way your website actually gets seen by people that are looking for what you are offering. All of the tools that are needed to turn your online traffic into paying customers are put into place during the web design process. It is rear that you will find a company that offers an affordable web design package that also covers the optimizations needed to get your website seen online.

Custom packages are available
if you have multiple sites or
an online store.

Standard Web Design package for businesses - $500/mo for 4 monthS
pay a one time payment of $1,500
(copywriting services included)

  • - Hosting Set up - For Example (SiteGrond) is a hosting account that the domain (www.silverspinemedia.com) lives on and also on that account WordPress is installed.
  • - WordPress Installed - WordPress is the website creation tool we used to make our website.
  • - SSL security activation - SSL will secure your site so visitors are safe and google knows your site is not a danger to visitors.
  • - GDPR notice - This will tell visitors that the website collects visitor data. It also lets Google know that you are aware of legalities which will help your site rank higher on Google.
  • - Pages: Home Page, Gallery, Services Page, Contact Page, About Page, & 2 Pages Additional Pages
  • - Optimized for mobile devices - In 2019 the number of mobile phone users is forecast to reach 4.68 billion, this is why we optimize for mobile.
  • - Social Media integration - Visitors will be able to easily follow your accounts and share your site with friends.
  • - Live chat/call now button - "Texting" via Facebook.
  • - All SEO fields filled out - Your site will have an instant advantage over others because we optimize your whole site to appear on Google.
  • - Speed optimization plugins - A fast site will help rank higher and help visitors stay longer.
  • - Tracking pixels - Captures visitor data so we can retarget them and people like them in the future.
  • - On Going maintenance for 12 months - If you need an update, we have your back.
  • You will have full ownership of the website.
  • Examples:









Some of the Websites we have created:

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A nice-looking website is important, but that’s not all professional website design is about.

Search engines such as Google and users expect a website to load with-in one second. That makes it critical for your business to go with a web design package that offers a professional website with a great design that is fast, built to convert, and has great infomrtion on it that keeps the user engaged.

Designing a website correctly is a craft. You can go with a web design package from a different company that gives you pretty site but after a few months you'll be wondering where that money went because your site just looks pretty and is becoming a liability to your cash flow.

You need to go with a web design package that includes; Code Compression, CloudFlare Rail, Schema Optimization, Google Analytics Setup, Hight level Image Optimization, Search Engine Optimized via Yoast, and Google Search Console Optimization.